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Sponge Crab pics

Copyright Pat O Regan 2010

Big thanks to Larry O Connor from Cork for sending on photos of one of the craziest crab species you’re likely to come across – The Sponge Crab. Some of you might have seen where this crab was publicly identified in Michael Viney’s ‘Another Life’ column in The Irish Times. It’s the first record in Irish waters (we think).

Lots of crabs ‘decorate’ their backs with seaweed and other bits of detritus to camouflage and protect themselves; this crab however takes a piece of living sponge, cuts it with its claws to fit its own shape and wears it as a protective coat. The sponge then keeps growing with the crab.

image credit Pat O Regan 2010

The photos were taken by Pat O Regan; full copyright belongs to him.


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