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Irish Surfers Against Pollution

One group of people who spend a remarkable amount of time in the biologially rich  intertidal and  nearshore zone are surfers. The nature of their pursuit requires an acute  awareness of  their immediate environment; surfers are always a good source of  valuable  field observations and inadvertently come to know our marine life more than  most.

They are aware also, that their environment is far from pristine, and in places like  Bundoran, Enniscrone and Portballintrae, explosive urban style development often  sees them sharing reef space with untreated sewage. Its not good for marine life; surfers, mollusks, seals inclusive.

Irish Surfers Against Pollution is a response to this. They are a new non-profit making  organisation in Ireland with a primary goal of cleaning up our coastal waters, creating  awareness of our problem areas and freeing them from raw sewage. Similar groups  such as Surfers Against Sewage in The UK and The Surfrider Foundation  in The U.S. have gained considerable lobbying power through persistent and well informed efforts.

Visit them here at or follow their facebook page here


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